This website was created using free and open-source software and data. Data for 2010 and 2000 as well as boundaries were acquired from the US Census website.

Brookline census tract and block group boundaries did not change between 2000 and 2010. Blocks did change and are numbered differently for each year. Brookline had 459 blocks in 2000 and 680 blocks in 2010. The additional blocks are primarily due to splitting off road median strips, traffic islands and other uninhabited areas so that every space surrounded by roadway is a separate block. Most 2000 blocks contain several 2010 blocks but in some cases, two 2000 blocks have been consolidated into one 2010 block.

This site has aggregated block data into 451 blocks comparable between 2000 and 2010. Census 2000 block numbers are used since aggregated block boundaries mostly correspond to 2000 boundaries. 100 has been added to the block number when it does not correspond to a single Census 2000 block (aggregation details are listed at the bottom of data tables for these blocks).

Site created by Tom Elwertowski of Brookline using: Drupal with jQuery, OpenLayers and OpenLayers-Symbology. TextWrangler and OpenOffice were used to preprocess census data. ogr2ogr and QGIS were used to preprocess census boundaries.